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Members of the OVPC must conform to the Club Code of Ethics.

All puppies are registered with CKC

Puppies are from health tested parents

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For members, if you wish to be added to the Breeders List, please email (to be added)

OVPC does not endorse breeders listed, though every effort is made to ensure they practice ethical breeding measures, such as health testing.

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For members, if you wish to announce your current and upcoming litters, please email information to (to be added).

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Picking a Puppy

Things to consider before getting a puppy:

Deciding to get a pup (from CKC website)

Finding a reputable breeder (from CKC website)

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Poodle Health

Poodles, like all breeds have certain health issues new owners should be aware of.

Tests and Issues in Toy Poodles
Tests and Issues in Miniature Poodles
Tests and Issues in Standard Poodles
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Breed Standard

CKC Poodle Breed Standard